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Rent Rush SR

for the ultimate track day experience

Experience the convenience of 'arrive and drive' with our Rush SR track car rentals across Northeast circuits, complemented by our expert trackside support and data-driven improvement capabilities.

Looking to buy a RUSH SR? We are an authorized dealer of Rush Auto Works’ Rush SR in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Why Rent Rush SR for Track Day?

Click here for more benefits of making Rush SR your next track day rental.

The Tracks

Blue Rush SR pictured on a track with "Track Care Rentals" text.

We are currently serving the following track events, and select on-demand events in the Northeast.

Preparing for a Rush SR race series event?

Get seat time in New England, race anywhere in the U.S., Canada or Mexico. With our Track & Improve features, you’ll have the benefit of advanced coaching and data-based feedback.


How many RUSH SR cars do you have for rent?

Currently, we offer two RUSH SR cars for rent for SCDA track events as well as other track events on request. The cars are not offered for competition use at this time.

How old do I have to be to rent RUSH SR?

We are currently accepting renters of 18+ years of age that have track experience.

If you are a novice driver or are under 18 with a competition license, you MUST contact us prior to renting the vehicle below.

What are the other rental requirements?

- Height must be 6'2" or shorter

- Weight restriction of 250 lbs

How much is it to rent RUSH SR for the day?

Rush R rents each RUSH SR car at starting price $ 1295 for non-competition track days at Lime Rock Park, Thompson Speedway Motorsport Park, and Palmer Motorsports. A travel fee will be added for all other tracks. The rental fee includes complete track support: delivery to the track, fuel, service, maintenance, check-up after each run. Please reference our refund policy.

Does the car rental include track fees?

No. Track fees and any expenses not outlined above are not included in the rental fee. 

Rush SR POV Videos

Watch Rush SR overtake Porsche GT2 RS and more.

Ready to feel the Rush?

Want to Buy a Rush SR?

With RUSH R, you can acquire a Rush SR that promises a potent combination of exhilarating performance, immersive driving dynamics, and manageable maintenance costs.


Our selection of Rush SRs is complemented by our ability to customize, repair, maintain and even support you on the track, ensuring a seamless and personalized track experience.

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