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Buy the Rush SR

RUSH R LLC is a premier provider of Rush SR sales and rentals in the Northeast, offering unparalleled expertise, track support and race car customization to motorsport enthusiasts in the region.

We are an authorized dealer of Rush Auto Works’ Rush SR in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. If you are outside those areas, we are happy to direct you to your nearest Rush SR dealer!

Why Buy Rush SR?

Rush SR Customization and Upgrades

At RUSH R, our profound understanding of the Rush SR is born from extensive experience with them on the track. As active participants in the racing scene, we don't just supply these cars; we also offer tailored upgrades and Rush SR customization. This direct track-to-sales insight ensures that each Rush SR we deliver is outfitted for peak performance, meeting your personal performance goals.

Rush SR Customization and Upgrades

With RUSH R, you can acquire a Rush SR that promises a potent combination of exhilarating performance, immersive driving dynamics, and manageable maintenance costs. Our selection of Rush SRs is complemented by our ability to customize, repair, maintain and even support you on the track, ensuring a seamless and personalized track experience.

Call us today to learn more about our RUSH SR sales, rentals, and personalized upgrades, and take the first step towards owning a machine that’s as ready for the track as you are.

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